Thursday, April 22, 2010

Firefly Fighter

For our ESE 350 Microcontrollers final project, we are interfacing wireless sensor nodes (Firefly nodes) to a Sega Genesis controller. The idea is to use the accelerometers on the Firefly nodes to capture different real-time fighting moves from the user. These moves would then be transmitted wirelessly to a master firefly node. The master Firefly should then interpret the information it receives, and it should output to a Sega Genesis controller connected to a Sega Genesis. This will then allow one to play a Genesis fighting game (most likely Mortal Kombat for now) by actually acting out moves in the game (a real life punch/block/kick would correspond to that move in the game). We might also implement "special moves" or "fatalities" in the game to correspond to a specific real-time movement.

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