Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mortal Kombat III - Final Demo

We brushed up with debugging on Thursday and came out with a working product for Demo Day on Friday.

The final move list includes:

Right glove -


Left glove -

Move left, right
Subzero/Sonya Special Move (Block motion)


Low kick
High kick (knee motion)

Crouch-punch/crouch-kick as well as Jump-punch/jump-kick combinations are working as well.

Here is a video showcasing the final version that was submitted:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gloves and Anklet

Last night we put together a "Power Glove" and "Power Anklet" system with some leather snow gloves and an ankle brace. It took 2 Mountain Dews and a can of Pringles to get it all together.

The velcro is stuck on with some pretty strong glue, and strapped in this standard orientation so the Firefly nodes should fit under the thumb comfortably. Everything seems very stable and it is still programmable.

We also successfully tested code for moving left, moving right, and ducking. Still to be completed is tests with kicking and jumping, as well as any special attacks.

Final video should be up tomorrow night!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Landmark Night

Last night we were finally able to produce a successful test of the whole system: motion-capture, wireless transmission, and Sega Genesis controller interface. We did not have a good camera, but took a quick video on the cell phone.

Here you can see our punch is detected with the Firefly and tranformed to a punch in Mortal Kombat on the Genesis (look at the character moving on the left, I know it's hard to see).

More pictures and details TBA

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Data Gathering

We set up our code to store different accelerometer readings along with past readings in an array. This way our code can easily reference past values and compare a full range of motion. We then ran some tests and coded for the information to be imported to Open Office Spreadsheet. We were then able to make nice graphs of different motions for us to analyze.

Firefly Fighter

For our ESE 350 Microcontrollers final project, we are interfacing wireless sensor nodes (Firefly nodes) to a Sega Genesis controller. The idea is to use the accelerometers on the Firefly nodes to capture different real-time fighting moves from the user. These moves would then be transmitted wirelessly to a master firefly node. The master Firefly should then interpret the information it receives, and it should output to a Sega Genesis controller connected to a Sega Genesis. This will then allow one to play a Genesis fighting game (most likely Mortal Kombat for now) by actually acting out moves in the game (a real life punch/block/kick would correspond to that move in the game). We might also implement "special moves" or "fatalities" in the game to correspond to a specific real-time movement.